Portal dla Polaków w Norwegii Twój kompleksowy przewodnik po życiu polskiego imigranta w Norwegii

The Portal for Poles in Norway is your one-stop resource for all the information and help you need to make the most of your new home if you are a Polish immigrant living in Norway. Our platform can assist you in developing in Norway in the following three ways:

Visit our community forum to get in touch with other Polish immigrants.

The impression of isolation and retreat from social life is one of the main concerns related to immigration to a new nation. As a result, the Polish Immigrant Portal dla Polaków w Norwegii offers Polish immigrants a social forum where they can meet, exchange views, and have a discussion. Our social media network is the ideal place to start if you’re seeking for information on housing, employment possibilities, or cultural events.

Visit our Employment Center for access to positions at a concession.

It may be distressing to start over in a new nation of residency, but help is available through the Norwegian Polish Portal. The Nasze Center for Services offers thorough information on every topic, from understanding the healthcare system to locating employment. Also, we offer helpful guidance in sectors like legal, housing, and education. By ensuring the availability of a complete centre for zasobów, we hope to make life for Polish immigrants in Norway easier.

B.D. To learn more about future cultural events, visit our calendar.

It’s crucial to stay connected to your culture when you move to a new nation. This is where the Norwegian Polish Portal can help. All scheduled cultural events that are relevant to Polish social life in Norway are listed on our events calendar. Our Events Calendar has everything you need, whether you’re looking for a Polish festival, concert, or art show. Also, you can describe the relevance of arbitrary events that you add to the calendar.

Visit Norway’s Polish-only website right away.

The Portal for Polish Immigrants in Norway is the ideal resource for Polish immigrants who wish to build relationships with their family and settle into their new homes, regardless of whether they just arrived in Norway or have lived there for years. Start again right now and make use of all the features on our website!

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